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DAFNE - by Andy Broomhead - Diabetes UK Blogs

(12th February 2013)

Andy DUK DAFNE blog

As part of the REPOSE trial I talked about last month, I recently attended a DAFNE course. I’ll be honest and say that a couple of weeks beforehand I was still pretty sceptical about attending. Not so much because I didn’t think I’d get any benefit from it, but more that I’d never been given any information about what DAFNE was beyond “it’ll help with your carb counting” and couldn’t understand how it was a five day course.

That said, after I’d had the pump on for a few days, I was really eager to get started and by the time the course started I honestly couldn’t wait. I didn’t feel too apprehensive at the start, as I’d already met half the people on the course when we’d had our pump induction, and I knew that everyone there was in the same position as I was.

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